The Dangers of Car Accidents on I-85 in Tuskegee, AL

The Dangers of Car Accidents on I-85 in Tuskegee, AL

I-85 serves as a major thoroughfare through the state of Alabama as well as part of the country. It’s a busy interstate running 666 miles from Montgomery, AL to Petersburg, VA, serving five Southeastern states. The highway is so heavily traveled that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) dubbed the road the “most dangerous interstate for truckers” based on fatality data collected over a four-year period.

If the road is that dangerous for truck drivers, imagine how treacherous it is for drivers of regular passenger vehicles and trucks on Alabama’s roads. If you live in the Tuskegee area and regularly travel on I-85, you have reason to be concerned about the safety of this roadway.

I-85 in Alabama is a Busy Highway

In Alabama alone, I-85 stretches just over 80 miles from the Georgia state line to Montgomery, AL, making it the primary highway between Atlanta and Montgomery. This means that it passes through the cities of Auburn, Opelika, and Tuskegee.

South of Opelika, I-85 passes through the northern portion of the Tuskegee National Forest before it cuts through Tuskegee and heads west towards its terminus in Montgomery. An extension of I-85 is currently underway, which would take the interstate all the way to the Mississippi state line and join it with I-20.

Interstate Accidents in Alabama Are the Most Common

Anyone who has traveled in the Tuskegee area has likely been on I-85 at some point. While an excellent way to get from Point A to Point B quickly, the highway can be congested and dangerous. And anyone who travels on these roads enough is aware that there is also going to be a good amount of road construction during certain times of the year.

The congestion, heavy truck traffic, and road construction combined create an environment that can lead to increased rates of accidents, injuries, and even deaths. Too often, people traveling on these highways are in a hurry and lack patience. They don’t leave enough space between vehicles, drive recklessly, and force sudden stops. These conditions can result in catastrophic highway accidents, and Alabama sees more than its share.

Across the state of Alabama, there were 17,517 auto accidents on Interstates in 2019. A majority of those accidents took place in urban areas (57%) versus rural ones (43%). Roughly 11% of the state’s auto accidents took place on Alabama’s interstates. But an alarming 27% of truck-involved accidents took place on an Alabama interstate.

Auto Accidents in Montgomery and Macon Counties

Interstate 85 begins in Montgomery County and makes its way east through Macon County, where Tuskegee is located. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, Montgomery County had 10,475 total auto accidents in 2019, resulting in 3,673 injuries and 31 deaths. In Macon County, there were 849 auto accidents during the same year, resulting in 270 injuries and 6 deaths. In Macon County alone, those figures increased by over 22% in a single year. In just the city of Tuskegee, there were 226 accidents in 2019, a 42% increase from the prior year.

Types of Car Accidents Most Likely on I-85 in Tuskegee, AL

There may be dozens or more ways that vehicles can crash into each other on a highway like I-85. Here are a few examples of the types of accidents our firm sees from clients:

  • Rear-end car crashes – These are the most common type of car accidents that often happen when a vehicle follows too closely behind another so cannot stop in time to avoid a crash.
  • Side-swipe car accidents – This type of crash occurs when two vehicles traveling in the same direction get too close and collide.
  • Head-on collisions – While rare, a driver sometimes makes a mistake and enters the highway traveling the wrong direction, which can turn deadly.
  • Rollover crashes – Higher-sitting vehicles, like SUVs, are more likely to roll over when the driver swerves to avoid an obstacle or drives erratically.
  • Multi-vehicle pileups – These chain-reaction accidents can take place in bad weather or heavy congestion when two cars initially collide.
  • Single vehicle accidents – While not as common, a single vehicle can crash if there is an unmarked hazard on the road or a mechanical defect with the vehicle.

Get Assistance from An Experienced Alabama Car Accident Lawyer

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