Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Series – Helmet Use

Montgomery, AL (April 2024) – Avoid Personal Injury – Motorcycle Accident Injury Series No 1

2,251 Motorcycle Accident Deaths Occurred When Not Wearing a Helmet

Failure to wear a helmet is one of the biggest risk factors for motorcycle riders. In fact, 2,251 motorcycle accident fatalities occurred when riders were not helmeted. Helmets can help to protect against head injuries, which have a high fatality rate.

Helmet Use – Motorcycle accidents occur, particularly among untrained, beginning riders. And one out of every five motorcycle accidents result in serious personal injury to the head or neck. Motorcycle accident analyses show that personal injury to the head and neck account for most serious personal injury and wrongful death injuries to motorcyclists. Research also shows that, with some exceptions, personal injury to the head and neck is reduced by properly wearing a quality helmet.

A DOT-compliant helmet lets you see as far to the sides, as necessary. A study of more than 900 motorcycle accidents, where 40% of the riders wore helmets, did not find even one case in which a helmet kept a rider from spotting danger.

Most motorcycle accidents happen on short trips (less than five miles long), just minutes after starting out.

Most motorcyclists are riding slower than 30 mph when a motorcycle accident occurs. At these speeds, helmets can cut both the number and the severity of serious personal injury to one’s head in half.

No matter what the speed, helmeted motorcyclists are three times more likely to survive personal injury to the head than those not wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

Helmet Selection

There are two primary types of helmets, providing two distinct levels of coverage: three-quarter and full face.

Whichever style you choose, you can get the most protection from personal injury by making sure that the helmet:

Is designed to meet U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and state standards. Helmets with a label from the Snell Memorial Foundation also give you an assurance of quality.

Fits snugly, all the way around.

Has no obvious defects such as cracks, loose padding, or frayed straps.

Whatever helmet you decide on, keep it securely fastened on your head when you ride. Otherwise, if you are in a motorcycle accident, it is likely to fly off your head before it gets a chance to protect you from personal injury.

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